Pastor and praying friends,

Normally, when we find ourselves very busy, we go ahead and send bimonthly reports. I saw it fit to make time to write a brief update regarding our previously mentioned departure date of May 15, 2024. There is one major factor that will have to be adjusted, but at the same time, it will open opportunities for a much smoother transition and an earlier start to our ministry. Our previous plans were to arrive in Juneau and be there for about a year, then transition from the capital to the village. After council and prayer, we decided to go straight to Hoonah, Alaska. 

Hoonah is the Tlingit village where we plan to start a church work. With the village also being a cruise ship stop, many come from the lower 48 to cater to the tourist industry. The already limited housing struggles to accommodate most workers. We are pleased to share that we have a good contact helping us look for housing. We have been diligent in our search, although our search was previously for capital housing; we have now shifted our efforts to Hoonah.

It is also worthy to mention that our journey to the Last Frontier will look different than what we had anticipated. Our previous goal was to drive our truck and trailer from FL to WA and board a ferry to AK. We called in January to get an estimate and open dates; we were told that the summer schedule does not come out until May. When we called in April, we were informed everything was sold until Aug. Now our plans will be to drive the AL-CAN/Caribou Highway as soon as we find housing. Please help us pray for this need.

 On the bright side of things, we are very thankful that we don’t have to wait for a visa or learn a language before we can find ourselves serving.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or my Pastor. We will love to address any questions or concerns, and even blessings you may have.


The Villafranca Family