Dear Pastor, 

We trust that the Lord gave you a great Christmas season. Thankfully, He allowed us to spend time with family, and despite our vehicle being beyond repair, the Lord provided another vehicle. 

Surprisingly, we had a very busy December in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. During this holiday season, we had the opportunity to preach the gospel to 30+ family members, some of whom were lost. 

During our travels to Texas, we stopped at the Gulf of Mexico to take a peak at the Ocean. Although it was cold and windy, my girls enjoyed the sand. After returning to the vehicle, I asked my wife if she wanted coffee to warm up. Due to the cold weather, the store and coffee shop were empty. We shared the gospel with the barista and invited her to church in the area, and she was happy with the invitation because she had been looking for a church. We were able to pass on the church address and information. We also referred her to our website, where we have a video presentation of the gospel done first class by an Evangelist. We pray for her to be a faithful member if she decides to attend the local church. 

We travel with a box of Bibles and New Testaments; I have found better reception from the people when I am with either Sarah or Kayla. This time, at a gas station, I took Kayla out of her car seat to help me gift a few Bibles to the vehicle on the other side of the pump. All 4 passengers accepted one. When Sarah found out Kayla was helping, she decided to make it a competition, which helped us. Now, Sarah asks us to give every person we see a Bible. 

Our support has remained practically the same at 76%, and although we have gained new supporters, we trust it will all come soon. 

This Christmas season was different for us, not only because it was the last one but also because we finally buried Sarah’s still-birth twin. God’s grace was with us on December 23rd, and we thank him for that. 

We still plan to leave for the field by May. If you would like to help with the fuel expense to travel to Alaska or our setup fund, you are more than welcome. 

We wish you God’s blessings in 2024 and thank you for being our prayers and financial partners. 


The Villafranca family