Dear Pastor and Church, 

I could not be more proud of my family; they endure endless hours in a van to make it to our meetings. When we became road-weary, we asked for grace, and God answered our prayers. 

Although our travels drained us, God put some amazing people in our path. I won’t mention names, but those churches know who they are. They encouraged us tremendously and recharged us. 

We were in GA, TX, NJ, and NY. 

Even though we were busy, we made time to share the good news. We saw people come to Christ. We joined a couple of churches for their door-to-door soul-winning. We saw four people come to Christ. 

One man that stood out to me in particular was Chris. He was tall, muscular, and full of tattoos. His stature alone was intimidating as he stood smoking on the sidewalk. Although we were in an apartment complex looking for a specific person, I decided to approach him; at first, he was phlegmatic towards the conversation. Once he found out we were from church. He told us he was not a good person because - “I sell drugs,” He audaciously stated. 

I proceeded to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, making the death on the cross personal for him. As I shared the Romans Road, his face changed from a proud lawbreaker to a broken, repented sinner. I am always careful not to force someone into a salvation prayer. I asked him twice if he wanted to accept Christ, and both times he agreed. Please pray for him to grow in grace. 

We are at 73% of our support; please continue to pray for us. 


The Villafranca Family