As the Bible declares that God shows himself mighty during the storm, we only testify that it is true. A storm system was in our path as we were heading South. The road conditions were good, then we suddenly had ice, and many cars were piled up. Some vehicles collided, and some avoided contact; thankfully, we avoided hitting and being hit. After a few minutes of being stuck and waiting, we engaged our 4x4 Low and got off the highway to a nearby hotel, where someone mentioned that there were over 70 accidents.

This month, we were blessed, as the Lord had many great churches that greatly blessed us. We thank God that we are at 82%.

We had the opportunity to share the good news. Last month, we reported our contact with the Mosque in California. We met another Muslim in North Carolina, and our conversation was fascinating. I had one last track from the host church as we headed out of town. We headed to a gas station to hand it out, and a man was smoking at the door. As I approached him, I asked him - Are you a Yankee? He smiled and replied - Yes, how could you tell? Nobody can guess where I’m from. We laughed and had a good conversation. His name was Ali; he was a Muslim from NY. His faith in Islam faded when he was younger. I pressed to share the gospel, and although he understood, he was not ready to accept. We shook hands, and I left.

As we passed through Suffolk, VA, I told my wife that after our stop at Walmart, I wanted to go soul winning, but my wife was already ahead of me. She started handing out tracks to people inside the store. Some smiled, and some rejected, but we gave Kristen a track in the book aisle. We sparked a conversation and found out she knew about God but was not happy with the cancer she had been battling for five years. She gave us plenty of time to explain to her God’s plan for trials and also God’s plan for our sins. Kristen fully understood and gloriously accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in the store.

Please pray that God will allow us to be a better witness for him wherever we go. 


The Villafranca family