Dear Pastor and Church,

It is no secret that June and July are mostly and rightly so dedicated to VBS, Teen Conferences, Camps, and many more summer activities. Thankfully, the Lord still gave us plenty of meetings; as a matter of fact, we began June at a great conference in Colorado, followed by meetings in CA and OR

.While checking in at the hotel, we met a Nepali man whose accent I recognized because I had a Nepali roommate in Bible School; I quickly befriended him and shared the gospel with him. He did not accept, but as our friendship continues, we will keep pursuing him for the Lord if you help us pray for Prayash.

We also met Alu, a Samoan man heading to the gym, and had a great conversation with him. He had spent some time in Alaska, so we quickly built rapport and were able to share Christ with him. He accepted Christ, and we gifted him a Bible.

Eventually, we returned to the Mid-West, where we had great meetings in the Indianapolis area. As we were heading there, I decided to stop in Chicago and attempt to share the gospel one more time with Mrs. Harriet, a Polish lady I’ve mentioned before. Of course, we came with goodies to be well received, but she spoiled my girls with many more sweets than we had brought. We concluded our visit with not much success.

 As we headed to the Indianapolis area from Chicago, a car in lane 2 tried to occupy lane 1. She failed to heed the honk warning and hit us on the side where Sarah rides. The Lord protected us, and we suffered no injuries. The motorist was uninsured and got away, but we got the plates and reported the accident.

We did have a $1000 deductible that the Lord met through the giving and loving people of Marion Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor Joseph Brown. We are currently at their conference, and although it concluded yesterday, we are staying to present to the Spanish ministry.

 We ask that you pray for our missions board, Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL, and Pastor Phil Cavanaugh. A tornado struck the building on Wednesday, July 12, as most people were heading to church. We were in town and heading to that church the same night and were able to help during the clean-up.

 Thank you all for your love and support.


The Villafranca Family