Dear Pastor and church,

Our last report was from Jan to mid-Feb; we are writing to let you know our status for the remainder of the month. We went from Florida to Mississippi for a mission conference, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was good to see old college friends and kind staff. After that meeting, we headed to Corpus Christi for a revival meeting where we were able to hear the voice of our mentors, Pastor Keith Gomez and Pastor Terry Anglea.

In our last report, we mentioned a young fellow saved during our trip from FL to MS. We stopped at Millbrook, AL, to cross paths with him and put a bible in his hands. We stopped at the apartment complex to look for him, called him, and got no answer, but his friend was outside and contacted him through a Facebook messenger call. The friend’s name was Trey. It was pouring that day, and he wanted to go to the store and ask us for a ride. We gladly agreed, and upon our arrival at the gas station, I shifted our conversation from his daily life to his eternal life. I was able to share a clear gospel presentation, and he accepted Christ.

Our next mission conference was in Dwight, IL, with another one of our mentors. We highly admire this church because Pastor Woodward was an instructor at Providence Baptist College, Elgin, IL, where my wife and I attended. On September 2016, during a New Testament class, Pastor Woodward felt led to stop the class to give an invitation. My wife was under conviction and needed to get saved. We thank God for Spirit-led men.

So far, we have secured 42% of our needed support, and 53% has been voted in. We thank God for our partners and trust he will get us to the field soon. Also, we have started to cast the need for a boat, and people have gotten excited and are behind our project. We will update you on the support level of that project as soon as the information is relayed to us.

Finally, if you would keep us in your prayers, as mentioned before, I visited the doctor. No surgery will be needed for the last mentioned procedure; however, they found a “spot” in my liver in the ultrasound process. WE ARE FULLY TRUSTING GOD, as he will always be in control.


The Villafranca Family - Missionaries to the Tlingit