January 2023

Dear Pastor and church,

We kicked the year with a busy January; thankfully, we have had meetings scheduled since 2022. January was a very gracious month for us, but as a gospel preacher, I was very encouraged to have almost all churches share their pulpit with me. We had meetings throughout the South, a few in Florida, many in Alabama, some in Georgia, Arkansas, and even New Mexico. You can only imagine the preventive maintenance your vehicle needs after 5K miles each month.

Being in a vehicle for a prolonged time is not suitable for your health. While in Florida, we took advantage of our stay there to see the doctor, and I was able to get a necessary medical procedure done. Next week we will find out if we need a specific surgery; we ask that you pray for God's will to be done and for good health for the years to come.

So far this month, we have gained four more supporters, and we praise God for getting us closer to the mission field. We have also been faithful at being witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ; during our travels, wemet a young man whose life was rather sad and full of consequences of sin. His Father was in prison, and at 17 years old, he was also a father to a beautiful 7-month girl. We befriended him at his workplace, shared the Gospel with him, and the next day we followed up with him and invited him to have breakfast at Chick-fil-A with us. We made sure his prayer of salvation was sincere and explained the believer's security. We have kept up with him and are working on placing a bible in his hands. Please pray for Ron to grow in grace.

Next month our schedule is full, and we have an opening we might need to keep open to follow up with doctor visits in Florida. Please pray we can get a meeting while we are down there.

My wife and girls are doing fantastic! Sarah will soon turn three, and she is very excited about her Birthday. Kayla is growing healthy and is stealing hearts in churches.


The Villafranca family